Fabric Paints

Stencilling, stamping and hand painting directly onto fabric is great fun and it’s easy to achieve great results!

Our highest quality water-based Fabric Paints create a colourfast, washable finish when used on natural fibre fabrics, such as cotton and silk. Perfect for creating cushion covers, curtains, blinds, table linen and bed linen, as well as banners and wall hangings! Also brilliant for decorating clothes such as T-shirts and summer dresses. Each pot will go a long way for decorative hand painted and stencilled projects. Simply apply to fabric and iron reverse side to create a colourfast, washable finish. More information below.

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Showing all 16 results

Motif Fabric Paints have been very carefully sourced so that we know we are selling the highest quality paints for decorating fabrics. Each 100ml pot will go a long way when stencilling and hand painting patterns onto fabrics. These Fabric Paints are genuinely colour fast after ironing, with colours retaining brightness and saturation after repeated washing. Whilst the different Fabric Paint colours can be intermixed to create any desired colour, the paints should not be watered down or fixation/creating a colourfast finish will not be possible – colour saturation and brightness will also be diminished. Use Pure White mixed with the other colours to create pastel shades.

Note: Must be ironed with hot iron on reverse side of fabric to achieve colour fastness, then fully machine and hand washable.
Suitable for natural fabrics.  Not fully colourfast if applied to man made or semi/part man made fabrics such as nylon or polyester and polyester mixes.

Every effort has been made to represent our Fabric Paint colours accurately – however photographic reproduction and different browser colour variants mean that these colour swatches are only an approximate guide. Note: Some colours have a more vivid hue than the reproductions shown here.

Colour charts are not currently available.